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Harvey's Country Cupboard

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300 E Main Street Big Run, Pennsylvania 15715

The former Esther’s Amish Bakery and Coffee Shop. Harvey’s Country Cupboard is located at 300 E. Main Street, Big Run, PA.

t: view phone814-952-9880

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Known for our friendly amish staff, fresh baked goods and hearty well priced breakfasts and lunches. If you are up for a challenge try our extra large pancakes served on a pizza pan!

You can find assorted baked goods including bread, pies, cookies, bagels and cinnamon rolls made from scratch each morning. Our most famous items are our huge doughnuts. The sell out quickly so get here early or call to place an order!

-Daily Specials
-Homemade Breakfasts
-Baked Goods

Large portions at great prices! Carry outs and special orders available. Call or stop out and visit us today!

Hours of work

Tuesday - Saturday
6 a.m. to 1 p.m.


300 E Main Street
Big Run, PA 15715

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Harvey's Country Cupboard

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A great value

Alice from Punxsutawney - 02/22/2016 15:06:02

You definitely get your money's worth. The portions are huge and the coffee is delicious.

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