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Spotts Music Center

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377 Midway Drive DuBois, Pennsylvania 15801

Spotts Music Center Has Been In Business For 69 Years. A positive atmosphere, lesson programs, sample instruments and a knowledgeable staff, they strive to provide opportunities for each student to grow in their abilities and appreciation.

t: view phone814-371-5666


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They have teamed with the Conn-Selmer Company, Americaís leading producer of school band instruments, to provide the best option for your studentís band instrument experience.

Spotts Music Center offers different plans to help with the purchase of your childís instrument. The Rental Equity Plan provides a new-quality first step instrument. The Omega Plan is a rent-to-own plan. Starting with an affordable trial deposit, it gives your child a four month period to try the instrument before low monthly payments would begin. If things onít work out there is the option to return the instrument. If things do, Omega give you up to five-year warranties and once payments are done you can use the equity in the instrument to step-up instrument as your childís abilities increase. Youíll also never have a costly repair expense while making payments.

-Return Option with No Penalty at any time
-Substantial Cash Discount for early pay-off
-Maintenance and Replacement coverage protects your investment
-Repair ServiceóDelivery and Pick-up of instruments at school
-Unrestricted exchange of instruments
-Equity payments can be applied to future step-up instruments

Spotts Music Center services many of the schools in western PA too! From picking up repairs to delivering supplies for your band director, we also offer you (our customers) free school delivery on any rentals and band accessories you require for your school! Just place the order directly online and select school delivery, type in your school district and school building and our band rep will get it to you!

At Spotts Music Center, they are dedicated to bringing you music education, be it through aiding the local school band programs, through private lessons in their stores, or by the interaction with their staff.

Helping your child engage in music will benefit them for a lifetime!

Spotts Music Centerís instructors not only will teach you the basics, but they will help you engage, create and learn styles & genres that interest you! The National Association of Music Merchantís, through published research, has definitively linked music education to better test scores and grades, higher standardized test scores, and better acceptance rates in college. Get started today!

-Music Gear
-Maintenance & Repairs
-Band Instruments & PA Rentals
-Private Lessons
-And Much More!!

Have a question? Contact Spotts Music Center! Enroll Today!

Hours of work

Mon. & Fri. 10-8
Tues., Thurs. & Sat. 10-6
Wed. & Sun. Closed


377 Midway Drive
DuBois, PA 15801

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Spotts Music Center

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