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Mary Hunter Hired as Director of Client Services for ResearchWorks

Published: 02/17/2016 by 1888 PressRelease

1888PressRelease - ResearchWorks, a San Diego-based strategic consulting firm serving organizations in the business of health, has hired Mary Hunter to serve as the director of client services.

Joining the organization with more than 12 years experience designing and executing custom research and developing growth strategies, Mary Hunter has been hired to serve as the director of client services for ResearchWorks.

ResearchWorks' President Teresa Sanchez commented, "Mary really connects with clients. Her highly consultative style enables her to collaborate closely with clients to deliver customized, needs-based solutions that guide their business decisions. Plus, Mary's ability to understand clients' needs and transform research findings into winning solutions makes her an excellent fit for our team."

Hunter will be project director for select client projects being conducted around the globe. Traveling extensively for both work and pleasure, she has been throughout the United States as well as nearly 30 countries. She is also bilingual in Spanish and English.

"Mary's experience with the U.S. Hispanic market and Latin American markets allows her to leverage her deep cultural understanding to provide meaningful insights and strategy tailored to specific cultures," added Sanchez.

Hunter has worked at several of the largest global research firms including TNS, GfK and Ipsos. This valuable experience has provided her with a wide range of research techniques, which she has leveraged to find solutions for many consumer brands such as Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo, Kimberly-Clark and many others.

Founded 25 years ago by Dr. Moshe Engelberg, ResearchWorks is a strategic consulting firm with deep roots in custom research. The firm's goal is to help companies in the health industry conquer obstacles, gain confidence, and achieve success in the marketplace. ResearchWorks conducts custom research, develops grounded strategies, and creates persuasive messaging to help companies avoid mistakes, know what to do and why, and get products and marketing right - the first time. To learn more, visit

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