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Murata Machinery's New M2048TS Punch Press Offers the Option of Wiedemann or Spring Style Tooling

Published: 04/30/2014 by 1888PressRelease

1888 PressRelease - Murata Machinery introduces the Motorum M2048TS. Highly efficient to run, it is designed to provide an economical solution to parts production requiring punching, forming, tapping and deburring.

Murata Machinery USA, Inc., a world leader in the manufacturing and design of highly productive metal fabrication machinery and automation, has introduced the latest in its Motorum line of turret punch presses. The Motorum M2048TS incorporates a CNC servo motor-driven turret punch press with a new ram drive that combines high-speed punching, exceptional forming operations and reduced noise.

"Muratec introduced the world's first servo-driven punch press in 1994," said Cary Teeple, Sales Manager of Murata Machinery USA, Inc.'s Fabrication business unit. "The Motorum M2048TS continues that evolution with Muratec's latest ram axis, servo-driven punch press."

The Motorum M2048TS's ram drive provides an economical solution to parts with a more simple and rigid ram drive mechanism delivering higher punch speeds, efficiency and productivity in punching, forming, tapping and deburring. The Murata Intelligent Control Operations interface also minimizes setup time and assists with tool changes, turret load monitoring, scheduling and tool maintenance, as well as other features that maximize green-light time.

The Motorum M2048TS offers the option of either Wiedemann or Spring Style tooling and incorporates a powerful new Fanuc control with Murata's proprietary Intelligent Control Interface. The M2048TS offers retractable forming tools that eliminate forming die interference. Its large table accommodates 8 ft sheets without a reposition and 16-ft long sheets with a single reposition. A controlled punching stroke and urethane transfer balls enable the machine to operate more quietly. Turret capacity can be expanded with 12 station Varitools.

From its headquarters in Charlotte, NC, Murata Machinery USA, Inc. specializes in application, service and sales of machine tools. The company's Fabrication business unit, formerly Murata Wiedemann, supplies mechanical and servo-driven turret punch presses, lasers and automation for those machines. Muratec's fabrication machinery is available through its distributor network throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

For additional information on Murata Machinery, USA or its products, call 800-428-8469 or visit .

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