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Innovative 'After Birth Slimming' Program Launched And Available To Help New Moms

Published: 06/09/2015 by 1888pressrelease

1888 PressRelease - After Birth Slimming is a program created just for moms to help them lose the baby weight, build healthy habits and live the healthy, happy lives they deserve.

Chicago, IL - The comprehensive health and wellness program designed just for moms, called After Birth Slimming (or ABS, for short), is now available to the public for the first time. Perfect for helping moms to look and feel their best, this program's blend of physical, nutritional and emotional guidance is as unique as it is powerful and effective.

This program is designed specifically to meet the needs of postpartum mothers. It assists moms who want to take that step forward to lose the baby weight and to feel great; inside and out. There is no extra equipment or gym needed, and it's easily incorporated into their daily lives. The After Birth Slimming program has:
an easy-to-follow 12-week progressive fitness plan
nutritional guidance
personal development tools
a supportive community
These elements, coupled with an exclusive member area, ensures moms receive the special attention, education and accountability they need.

Tracey L., a postpartum mother who incorporated the ABS program into her busy life had this to say about it: "There's a lot of things that played into this program for me. I felt connected. I had just had a baby and I knew that's exactly what it was designed for. This program was perfect because it really helps with everything you need postpartum. It's not just about the physical stuff and measurements; it really taps into the emotional piece."

Another insight was given by Susan D., a mother who enjoyed the effectiveness of ABS: "I was looking for a program and it seemed like everything required a gym membership. It's nice to have something I can get done at home while the kids are napping. It's awesome!"

The creator of the After Birth Slimming program, Lori Streator, is a licensed clinical professional counselor, certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist and mother who wrote the program from personal, practical and professional experience.

Lori Streator, can be reached at 630-333-6218 and the program is available at

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