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Taylor, Ricci & Associates adds TLO Risk Management Solution

Published: 04/26/2014 by 1888PressRelease

1888 Press Release - In a well calculated business move, the Nation's leading asset recovery company, Taylor, Ricci & Associates has added yet another powerful and leading-edge technology that will aid their collection experts in recovering money for their clients.

TLO, which has recently been acquired by TransUnion, is a powerful data solutions provider that specializes in scalable investigative and risk management tools for due diligence, threat assessment, identity authentication, fraud prevention and detection, legislative compliance and debt recovery. TLO is used by the largest global corporations, financial institutions and tens of thousands of law enforcement agencies to investigate people, locations and companies.

TLO provides the most accurate information that can be used for debt recovery. For this reason Taylor, Ricci & Associates has made the decision to add this powerful tool to their already impressive arsenal of tactics and techniques that make them so successful in recovering even the most extreme of outstanding balances and allusive debtors.

Once again, Taylor, Ricci & Associates has taken the lead by aggressively pursuing any and all avenues and tools that will enable them to collect what belongs to you. What better company to have on your side than someone who cares about your positive cash flow as much as you do.

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