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PitchPlay launches new pay per click technology!

Published: 03/13/2015 by 1888pressrelease

1888PressRelease - "With rising or frequently changing search engine advertising costs, it has become essential to monitor your pay per click campaigns and cost per clicks purchased. Without this valuable information you could just be throwing your marketing dollars out the window! Says Robert Russo / CEO of PitchPlay."

Tampa, FL - announces the launch of its ENTERPRISE class website landing page software for online marketing and advertising campaigns.

Pitchplay is a software that combines the best of website design with the POWER of video web commercials and video sales reps to help businesses improve the sales conversions for their online marketing campaigns.

PitchPlay's advanced system has the ability to track customer acquisition costs (How much it costs to get 1 sale) and alert you when you are losing money from your pay per click campaigns.

PitchPlay users can now focus on how much it costs to get 1 customer vs how much they spend each month on pay per click and sponsored advertising.

With PitchPlay, consumers and designers can create powerful website landing pages that can help businesses dramatically increase potential sales conversions and sales closing ratios.

With PitchPlay! Using the power of our video sales reps you can

Perfect your sales pitch

Improve your sales conversions

And track the results in real time with our POWERFUL ANALYTICS DASHBOARD!

PitchPlay operates like an ecommerce shopping cart and is PCI compliant, a heightened level of internet security to protect your sensitive online data.

PitchPlay also allows direct connection to your payment gateway or merchant account so you can manage transactions, refunds and cancellations all from within PitchPlay.

PitchPlay also offers credit card processing and merchant accounts from within our AMAZING system.

With a simple application you are only a few clicks away from accepting credit cards online. Most completed applications are usually approved with 24-48 hours by an authorized merchant services provider.

Our advanced dashboard management system makes it easy to track your marketing results across several different deployed web pages.

Running multiple PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns at the same time, PitchPlay takes the pain point of complicated conversion tracking software and a/b testing and simplifies the analytics or results. The purpose is to improve your return on investment by making sure that you are not losing money from bad sales conversion rates vs your marketing spend amount.

With PitchPlay you can use the power of VIDEO to captivate your audience and turn browsers into buyers! With our huge selection of male and female video sales reps we bring the human element to your website and pay per click landing pages! You can choose your actor, write your own script if you want, select what you want them to wear and many other options all from within the PitchPlay system.

"It's like having a live sales rep on your webpages 24/7 - 365 says Robert Russo / President of

About PitchPlay
The primary function of PitchPlay is to help advertisers discover the exact customer acquisition costs or how much it costs the advertiser to get 1 sale vs how much they spend on marketing and advertising each month.

The system offers a dynamic a/b testing platform that helps find the bottom line. Without knowing how much it costs to acquire each business client you could be just throwing money out the window. Sign up today or call for a live demo.

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PitchPlay launches new pay per click technology!
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