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CourseAvenue announces Vision-Studio: Integrated eLearning authoring solution

Published: 03/05/2015 by 1888pressrelease

(1888 PressRelease) VISION-Studio brings an integrated eLearning development platform to companies applying a systematic approach to training (SAT), commonly found in high consequence training environments. VISON-Studio extends the VISION Developer product to directly build and associated learning content with objectives.

Chicago, IL - CourseAvenue is pleased to announce the launch of Vision-Studio - an integrated eLearning authoring solution for use with VISION software from Focus Learning. Vision-Studio enables users of the VISION software to build, manage and deploy eLearning modules that are tied directly to objective hierarchy.

"VISION software from Focus Learning is a de-factor standard for managing training objectives in high consequence environments and we are pleased to integrate our eLearning development platform with VISION." Says Joe Gorup, CEO of CourseAvenue.

Gorup continues, "For those that work in high consequence training environments, such as energy production and transmission, healthcare and national security, having learners simply 'launch a course' is often inadequate. In highly regulated industries, training compliance is critical and learning needs to be directly tied to very specific objectives. These objectives need to be strictly managed and are almost always subject to audits and significant regulations."

Prior to Vision-Studio, eLearning development has been a disconnected process with individuals attempting to create learning modules outside of an objective framework, then trying to integrate the two pieces later. As Gorup describes, "Vision-Studio brings an enterprise-class solution to eLearning development. We have seen companies struggle when trying to use tactical desktop tools when trying to address the strategic need to align learning with objectives - Vision-Studio solves this problem.".

Focus Learning also saw its user community wrestle with the issue of eLearning development and saw a need to bring the right type of eLearning authoring solution to the VISION user community. "After a lengthy search and testing, we selected CourseAvenue's platform for its ease of use; its output reliability and versatility; and its capacity for collaborative development. No other authoring tool or platform came close to offering a comparable combination of features, all of which we felt, were imperative for our clients. applying a structure approach to training tied to an objective hierarchy." Says Focus Learning Company's CEO Gary Sprague,

Want to Learn More? Join us for the Vision-Studio Webinar.
Joint Focus Learning - CourseAvenue webinar highlighting Vision-Studio

March 18th, 2015 at 11:00 CDT. Seats are limited and available on a first come, first serve basis. Sign up here: link to GoToWebnar

More information?
For more visit, in the United States call toll free (866) 594-1296, internationally, +1 630-225-1222.

About CourseAvenue:
CourseAvenue is an industry leader in learning software and services. CourseAvenue specializes in helping government agencies, commercial enterprises, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and individual authors design and implement engaging and effective learning and training programs. For more information about CourseAvenue's award-winning software and services, please visit or call 866-594-1296.

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CourseAvenue announces Vision-Studio: Integrated eLearning authoring solution
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