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New Kindle e-book about 'Pay with a Tweet' launched

Published: 02/18/2015 by 1888pressrelease

1888PressRelease - Kindle e-book presents a New Viral Marketing Service 'Pay with a Tweet'.

Andre Tribolet, Swiss tourism specialist and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) holder, has now launched his new book about one of the latest viral marketing tools in the constantly changing world of e-commerce: Pay with a Tweet. The e-book, titled 'How to use "Pay with a Tweet" and other Viral Marketing Tools', is available now on Kindle.

Pay with a Tweet is an app that customers can download for free. It works as simply as the name suggests; people share the product or content with friends, Twitter followers and other contacts online in lieu of payment, generating potentially unlimited profits for the trader and taking the business to new heights of online visibility.

The best marketing campaigns will go viral online if they contain engaging, intelligent and thoughtfully composed content that is extensively retweeted. Tribolet's e-book shows how it is possible to maximise this with his blueprint for outstanding results.

Equally, the book outlines all the other things that can be done to make tweets "go viral" - for example including links, while also using attention-grabbing headlines and an irresistible call to action in all social media posts.

At the same time, it explains how the inclusion of Twitter sharing widgets, the use of creative images and requests for retweets can all increase the odds of a campaign going viral, leading to fast, cost-effective and often dramatic results, regardless of the size of the business or what it does.

Viral marketing can help even small start-ups with modest budgets, as well as any other organisations that are promoting ideas, products, services or brands using the web, as the book explains.

This succinct, 12-page guide gives readers a comprehensive overview of everything they need to know about viral marketing tools like Pay with a Tweet

It is free with the Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Amazon reviewers have been quick to praise the work, describing it as "full of great ideas, and written so that it is easy to understand the concepts" and "a short read but packed with useful information." Another said it was "a treasure trove of information" and "way ahead of its time it makes you rethink what viral marketing really is."

Notes for editors

1.) For further information, photographs and interviews with Andre Tribolet, or a full biography, please contact: tribolet.andre ( @ ) gmail dot com
2.) Download the book here:

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