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E.A. Channon, Author of Flesh of the Blood, to Meet Fans at Mythicworlds in Seattle

Published: 02/11/2015 by 1888PressRelease

1888 Press Release - E.A. Channon, author of Flesh of the Blood, will share his love of myth and fantasy at the Mythicworlds held in Seattle, February 20-22, at the Seattle Doubletree Hilton.

Seattle, - Elves, humans, dwarves - these are just a few of the types of characters that fans of fantasy stories love to read about. E.A. Channon, author of the book Flesh of the Blood, has incorporated suspense, precise military plotting and intriguing characters into his recently released book, which is soon to be a series. Channon will be bringing his passion for fantasy to the Mythicworlds, held at the Seattle Doubletree Hilton, February 20-22, 2015. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to chat with Channon, the Scottish bagpiper-turned-author, in person, have him sign their books, and hear about the newest installment in the series.

"It is such an amazing opportunity to meet fans at the Mythicworlds event," said Channon. "Spending time with those who have already read Flesh of the Blood is a gratifying experience that lets me better get to know my readers and their passion for fantasy books."

The book signing for E.A. Channon will be held as part of the Mythicworlds. As part of this event, there will be authors, artists and performers for the guests to enjoy. A full center of items for sale and interaction with artists and authors will be part of the weekend event. There will also be workshops held on international folklore and legend, writing and art making, traditional music, instruments and ancient practices.

Fans who visit Channon's booth will have the chance to speak to the author in person and discuss Flesh of the Blood. An intriguing story of a peaceful king who is fighting against a powerful evil force, the story evolves as groups of humans, dwarves, magicians and elves work together to rescue the daughter of the king from evil. Readers will love the twist in the story line and the fully developed characters. They will be absorbed in the magic and mystery of the tale until the final page has ended, with a hunger for the next book. The first installment of a trilogy, Flesh of the Blood uses a combination of old English history and detailed military battles that are reminiscent of some of the finest literary battles ever constructed.

Flesh of the Blood can be purchased through Amazon and Barnes and Noble or through the author's website at

E.A. Channon enriches and enhances Flesh of the Blood with his aristocratic English upbringing and heritage that can be traced to the time of kings, knights and battles for the honor of fair maidens. E.A.'s grandfather was also a great influence, recounting old stories and guiding his musical abilities towards the bagpipes. Having served in both the British and American militaries, E.A. is able to bring great realism to the weaponry and battle scenes in his book.

E.A. Channon is also the author of Bagpiper-Whatever Blows Up Your Kilt, his hilarious autobiography of an extraordinary life. The popularity of his book and his global reputation as a bagpiper have also made him a much-in-demand speaker for cruises, group programs and educational audiences.

E.A. Channon's unique charm, humor and love of a rollicking good story permeate the pages of Flesh of the Blood and are sure to make it an instant classic and generate much demand for the other books in the series.

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