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Lock And Load Weight Belt Huge Success At 2014 Arnold Sports Festival Attending Europa Orlando

Published: 04/11/2014 by 1888 Press Release

1888 Press Release - The Lock and Load Weight Belt, developed by Ronald DeMeo, M.D., M.B.A., sold out in a dazing two days at the 2014 Arnold Sports Festival. Lock and Load products are manufactured in the same facility that produces U.S. military spec ballistic vests and MOP gear, utilizing Dr. DeMeo's patented material and unique sewing techniques to comfortably lift and support the lower back through strenuous movements.

Orlando, FL - With 60-80% of the American population suffering from back pain or injuries at some point in their lives, the weight belt and suspension system have been used to effectively improve physical therapy and injury prevention methods, and were a huge hit with the athletes and fitness experts at this year's Arnold Fitness EXPO.

The Arnold Fitness EXPO is the nation's largest health and fitness exposition, with 175,000 attendants and 700 booths showcasing leading businesses and organizations and the latest trends in the industry. The annual event has expanded into the world's largest multi-sport fitness weekend, co-promoted by Arnold Schwarzenegger and featuring 18,000 athletes, including both former and hopeful Olympians.

"I love my new Lock and Load weight belt," affirmed Ronnie Coleman, 8-time Mr. Olympia winner and record holder for the most IFBB victories. From 2007 to 2011 Coleman underwent several back and neck surgeries and has made a rapid and full recovery.

Dr. DeMeo and his team are now working on deals with major distributors in the U.S, Asia, and Europe in order to satisfy the demand for the Lock and Load weight belt and suspension system. They will also attend the Europa Expo in Orlando, FL, from April 11th-12th, located in booth #836.

About Ronald DeMeo, M.D., M.B.A.
Ronald DeMeo, M.D., MBA, medical director of Miami-based Meridian Spine & Interventional Pain Medicine and CEO of Radiation Shield Technologies, is a noted surgeon, scientist, entrepreneur, and inventor, recognized in South Florida and worldwide
for his leadership in health care, community service, and life-saving technology. Dr. DeMeo, a board-certified anesthesiologist and pain-management specialist, holds a master's degree in business administration from the University of Miami (2001) and a medical degree from the University of Florida College of Medicine (1988).

Dr. DeMeo is also an avid weight lifter, sports enthusiast, and recreational boxer, dedicated to improving physical therapy and injury prevention methods, as well as developing his high intensity repetitive training (HIRT) system. His latest inventions, the Lock and Load suspension system and Weight Belt, are derived from his nationally recognized interventional spine therapy methods and his extensive sports science knowledge. Dr. DeMeo has trained numerous physicians, lectures nationally, and continues his leading-edge research in the field of spinal surgery.

About The HIRT Lock and Load Suspension System
The Lock & Load Weight Belt is the latest in innovative medical design from renowned spine surgeon and inventor Dr. Ronald DeMeo. Utilizing his patented Demron® material and unique sewing techniques, the Lock & Load Weight Belt has been designed for superior lower back support and flexibility without the cutting and chaffing associated with traditional weight belts. It is soft, durable and lightweight, allowing for comfortable, true resistance training & lower back protection.

For more information and to purchase Lock and Load products please visit

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