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Wearing Courtesy Tags(TM) Changes The Personal Interaction Paradigm

Published: 09/12/2014 by 1888pressrelease

1888 PressRelease - Premium TAGSnMORE has introduced the first round clip-on tag for names, etc. that can be printed as needed on standard office printers. The new design can be worn on any clothing without fear of damage. They are ideal for clubs, organizations and religious groups for guests and visitors to introduce themselves. Personal Courtesy Tags™ are easy-to-print and issue, using a simple plastic clip.

NEW CITY, NY - Premium TAGSnMORE's round Courtesy Tags™ have been successful as they provide attractive tags everyone can wear at events and organization activities to create an inviting atmosphere. We all have experienced the social problem created with members and guests attending an activity where you do not know anyone's name. These stylish Personal Courtesy Tags eliminate this issue by providing a 'non-verbal' means of introduction. The new Courtesy Tags are provided as simple diecut cardstocks sheets which the staff can print whenever they wish on their standard office printers. As there are no adhesives, pins or plastic holders to stuff, Courtesy Tags are fast and easy to issue. Because the new Courtesy Tags are lightweight and safe to wear, they can be worn high on ones garment for easy (eye-level) reading.

Event planners can create their own colorful graphics and print the blank sheets as needed. The round Courtesy Tags are diecut six per sheet with each tag having a punched slot near the top for attaching a clothing-friendly plastic clip. The most popular round tag sizes are 3.25" and 2.5". With downloaded templates, the graphics can be designed to accommodate the individual's printed or hand-written name. As important, the back of the Courtesy Tags can be fully printed, for promotion of the event/organization or even for fundraising. Previous experience has shown that displaying everyone's name at an activity encourages personal interactions and more face-to-face communications. The organization may also create a webpage and print QR Codes on the Courtesy Tags so that contact information can be exchanged in place of business cards.

The new plastic clips attach like a "paperclip" to the edge of ones garment (collar, lapel, pocket), and a post passes through the slot in the tag, eliminating the need for a plastic holder. Besides being clothing-safe, the clip is child-safe and reusable. Being the first new tag attachment is almost 100 years, the Contour Clip was recently awarded a patent for its unique design.

Premium TAGSnMORE is located in New York. The company is a socially and environmentally responsible developer and manufacturer of eco-friendly products, providing recyclable and/or reusable cost-effective products, appropriate for their purpose while maintaining professional quality. All products are made in the USA.

For more information and samples, please visit:
email info ( @ ) premiumtagsnmore dot com

Phone 877-403-7797
Fax 815-425-8783

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Wearing Courtesy Tags(TM) Changes The Personal Interaction Paradigm
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