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Polar Leasing Rental Calculator: Estimate Your Walk-in Freezer or Cooler Rental Cost in Three Simple

Published: 08/29/2014 by 1888pressrelease

1888 PressRelease - Polar Leasing Company, Inc offers a quick way to estimate the rental cost of a walk-in freezer or cooler. Models are available for both walk-in units as well as portable freezer and cooler trailers.

At Polar Leasing Company, Inc., estimating the rental cost for a seamless fiberglass walk-in cooler or freezer can be accomplished in three basic steps. Entering your zip code will ensure availability in your area and provide you with the sales representative contact information for your region. The Rental Calculator on the Polar Leasing website allows you to select a specific model type of walk-in unit or portable trailer unit. After entering your zip code and selecting the appropriate walk-in or portable trailer, simply select the duration you will need the unit. This will give you an estimate for the total rental cost.

Step 1:
What Is Your Zip Code?
Step one of the Polar Leasing rental calculator requires you to enter the zip code for the area you intend to rent and use the unit. While not all walk-in units and portable trailers are available at all leasing locations, this will ensure the rental availability of your specific unit. Additionally, providing your zip code will supply you with the name and contact information for your local Polar Leasing sales representative.

Step 2:
What Model Do You Need?
Step 2 has you select the type and size of walk-in unit or portable trailer you need to rent. Options include 6'x 8' Trailer Cooler: 35F (2C), 6'x 12' Trailer Cooler: 35F (2C) or Freezer:-10F (-23C), 8'x 10' Walk-in Cooler or Freezer 35F/-10F (2C/-18C), or 8'x 20' Walk-in Cooler or Freezer 35F/-10F (2C/-18C). Simply choose the unit that fits your needs and proceed to step three.

Step 3
How Long Do You Need It?
In step 3, indicate the approximate amount of time you will need to rent a walk-in unit or portable trailer. The selections begin with 4-8 rental days and go all the way up to 24 months. If you need a leasing unit for longer than 24 months, contact us for a pricing estimate.

After completing all of the required fields, the estimated rental cost box will generate the pricing for your specific unit and territory. This will be a general estimate, the final price may vary. Additionally, the estimate does not include round trip delivery to your location. Not all rental units are available at all Polar Leasing locations and are subject to availability. Once you have generated the price for your leasing unit, you can also reserve your walk-in cooler/freezer or portable trailer. Simply fill out the required fields and a customer service representative will contact you.

With both long and short term storage solutions available, Polar Leasing specializes in temporary freezer rentals, refrigerator rentals, and refrigerated trailer rentals. Designed around the specific needs of the rental market, every Polar Leasing unit is built to the highest quality standards, with a patented seamless fiberglass design. Combining efficiency, durability, and performance, Polar Leasing temporary refrigeration and freezer units provide storage flexibility and savings. To find a Polar Leasing depot near you, contact Polar Leasing today!

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Polar Leasing Rental Calculator: Estimate Your Walk-in Freezer or Cooler Rental Cost in Three Simple
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