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Help for Veterans and their Families is coming to Dade City

Published: 08/05/2014 by 1888PressRelease

(1888 PressRelease) Innovative Nonprofit Provides Treatment to Veterans who suffer from PTSD.

Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, FL - The Circle of Veterans (COV) is a small but growing nonprofit started by an Army Veteran and his wife. The organization was formed to provide alternative therapies for individuals and their families that suffer from Post Traumatic Stress and other deployment related mental health issues. The focus will be on a variety of natural holistic forms of healing to include: Rapid Resolution Therapy, hypnosis, and Equine (horse) Therapy among others. The Circle of Veterans anticipates being fully operational and helping families by September 1, 2014.

The COV has recruited the best doctors to lead the way in these alternative therapies. Dr. Gloria Payne, Ph.D., and founder of Meridian Counseling in Dade City says, "Rapid Resolution Therapy can fix some trauma issues in just one to two sessions."

Dr. Darlene Williams, Ph.D. P.A, a licensed psychologist, practices clinical & forensic psychology. She has advanced training in hypnosis and equine-assisted modalities, as well as 26 years of experience in treating individuals with a wide range of mental health issues.

Treatment will take place on their 10-acre farm in Dade City and can house two families of four for the seven-day therapeutic retreat. "We wanted a calm quiet space where we can grow our own food and teach sustainable farming to our veteran families," says Samantha Ridley, co-founder of the COV. The organization will also offer healthy holistic cooking, eating, and living classes featuring foods from their organic gardens and free-range livestock.

Circle of Veterans

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Help for Veterans and their Families is coming to Dade City
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