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BENZ, Inc. Releases New BENZ Solidfix, BENZ CAPTO and Trifix

Published: 08/02/2014 by 1888PressRelease

(1888 PressRelease) BENZ has released new catalogs for its Solidfix®, CAPTO™ and Trifix® modular quick change tooling systems. All catalogs are available for download on their website

Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill, NC-SC - German tooling systems expert BENZ has announced that it has released new catalogs for its BENZ Solidfix®, BENZ CAPTO™ and Trifix® modular quick change tooling systems. BENZ Tools specializes in the development and manufacturing of innovative tooling systems for turning and milling machines such as live and static tools, angle heads, multi-spindle heads, spindle speeders, large scale drill heads, 5-axis heads, and the BENZ Solidfix®, CAPTO™ and Trifix® modular tooling systems. BENZ tooling systems are engineered in Germany and sold and serviced in the US and Canada from the BENZ, Inc. headquarters in Charlotte, NC.

BENZ has published a 60-page catalog for its latest proprietary creation: the BENZ Solidfix® modular tooling system, which delivers exceptional performance, precision, handling and safety for machining centers. This new modular quick-change system reduces setup times for tools by up to 90%, providing affordable 15 second tool changes.

Another new catalog details how the BENZ CAPTO™ modular quick-change system increases the efficiency and quality of complete machining on CNC-turrets. The BENZ CAPTO™ features easy handling and an extremely compact design that can be used for milling, drilling and turning with up to 100 bar coolant pressure.

BENZ has also released a catalog featuring BENZ LinTec push-type broaching tools that deliver more than just keyway broaching. With just one set-up, the BENZ LinTec product enables you to economically manufacture broached features while reducing the wear and tear on your machine. They also provide a range of machining processes, such as torx, internal and external splines, involute gears/shafts, hexagon sockets, grooves and more.

Each full-color catalog provides product descriptions, technical specifications and parts breakdown, complete with product ordering information, inquiry forms, and available options and tooling accessories data. Visit to see our YouTube videos, download electronic versions of each catalog or request a hard copy by calling 704-529-5300.

BENZ, a member of the Zimmer Group, is the technological leader for the production of innovative machining heads for the wood, plastics, composites and metalworking industries. The company manufactures tooling systems in Germany and offers sales and support for the United States and Canada through its subsidiary, BENZ Inc., from its Charlotte, NC headquarters.

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BENZ, Inc. Releases New BENZ Solidfix, BENZ CAPTO and Trifix
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