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Illuminated Mask Manufacturer Qitawear Will Begin American Made Mass Production Thanks To Kickstarte

Published: 07/21/2014 by 1888PressRelease

(1888 PressRelease) Qitawear masks is starting its large scale manufacturing in Portland, Oregon thanks to a successful kickstarter campaign. These illuminated masks are changing the face of costume, fashion and party wear around the world.

QitaWear, and early stage Vancouver, WASH. manufacturer of illuminated fashion masks achieved full funding support for large scale manufacturing through a successful Kickstarter campaign ( Surpassing it's $15,000 fundraising goal, QitaWear continues its campaign for another 19 days with plans to expand its offering and enlarge it's maiden mass production run.

The QitaWear fashion masks were the creation of Juan Rodriguez, a Washington costume designer and artist. Rodriguez is a disabled US Army Veteran, artist, and founder of QuitaWear. Seeking to expand American manufacturing of his unique illuminated masks which he has made by hand for the past year, he is partnering with a Portland, OR., minority-owned small business specializing in textile assembly.

While seeking to expand mass production of his masks in 2013, Rodriguez traveled China touring manufacturing facilities and districts. Given the working conditions and general cost involved with outsourcing his designs, it became apparent that US Manufacturing of his QitaWear masks was competitive with Chinese manufacturers.

Qitawear masks are changing the face of costumes, fashion, and party wear for music events, holiday costume wear, social gathering and celebrations events around the world. With many of today's events happening at night, QitaWear masks bring a new look to an old idea with an aspect of fun, beauty and safety.

The QitaWear Kickstarter campaign video and in-depth specifics can be seen here:

All queries should be addressed to: qitawear ( @ ) gmail dot com

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